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Premium grip gel

Get-A-Grip is a premium grip gel, developed and made in the Netherlands. The unique formula combines high-quality magnesium with the power of resin. Whether you do powerlifting, bodybuilding, crossfit, athletics, gymnastics or climbing, with Get-A-Grip liquid magnesium you get a grip on your performance!

Unparalleled grip

Get-A-Grip distinguishes itself from other liquid chalks due to the combination of pine resin and high-quality ingredients that strengthen the effect of the magnesium carbonate. This provides unparalleled grip that lasts longer and works better with sweaty hands. After your workout, Get-A-Grip is easy to wash off with soap.

Nourishes the skin

Get-A-Grip does not dry out the skin like many other products do. Get-A-Grip nourishes the skin while providing unparalleled grip.

Shake before use, put a little product on your hands and rub it out. Let it dry and you can get started.