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About Us

Read about the genesis of All-American Sports. Who are we, and what is our mission.

Starting out as a lawyer, Austin Fasting began a quest for his passion later in life. A journey that led him to entrepreneurship in 2006.

The choice to start a business with America as his background is obvious. To his mother, he owes his American citizenship. Because he not only literally but also figuratively speaks the American language, he knows how to win over suppliers and convince them that there are great opportunities in Europe. This largely determines the strength of the company.

Baseball runs like a thread through his life. As a player, trainer, coach, and board member, he was active in baseball for many years. So it is not for nothing that baseball and softball are the core of the company.

Meanwhile, All-American Sports has grown into a family business that plays an important role in Europe when it comes to articles focused on American sports.