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Net Playz Smart Pro Speed Vision Speed Radar + Video Recorder - Black/Red

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De Net Playz Smart Pro Speed Vision Speed Radar + Video Recorder is een speed radar gecombineerd met een videorecorder. De Smart Pro kan gebruikt worden voor vele sporten. 

Net Playz Smart Pro is a top model for a wide range of sports. You can use it for sports as as soccer, tennis, golf, baseball, hockey, handball, cricket, rugby, running, cycling, squash and many others. Being able to measure speeds is essential for gauging training progress. 

This modern radar is unique thanks to the possibility to connect with your smartphone due to iSmart DV app, which you can download in Apple Store or Google Play. The package also includes a folding tripod and a smart band, which will allow you to control the radar remotely. Thanks to its lightweight and durable design it is easily portable.

- built-in advanced WI-FI- remote control due to smart band
- Bright LED display can be seen easily from a distance
- speed range: from 5 to 480 km/h (from 3 to 299 m/h)
- measures in KPH or MPH
- record the video due to mobile app
- port for 4GB micro SD card
- 2.0 Mega pixel CMOS sensor
- video resolution: 1080P 30FPS 720P 30FPS 720P 60FPS
- package includes: tripod, carry bag, smart band
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