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Jaeger Sports J-Band Pro Baseball Resistance Training Bands - Gold - Adult

Size: Adult


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Jaeger Sports J-Bands are the the resisance bands made for the pro's. J-bands are a pitchers best friend and help strengthen and stretch your arms. They prevents injury while throwing a baseball or softball and increase arm strength and pitching stamina. The bands can also be used as pitching aids for more powerful throwing.

These bands are an integral part of Jaeger Sports Arm Care Program and a prerequisite to their Throwing Program. The eleven step J-Bands exercise routine is designed to balance, strengthen and condition the rotator cuff and surrounding muscle groups. The J-Bands exercise routine is crucial for injury prevention, endurance, recovery period and increased velocity. It is an essential workout for any player whose goal is to have a long and healthy career. 

- Multi-colored J-Bands. 
- Integral part of Jaeger Sports' Arm Care and Conditioning Program. 
- Perform basic exercises to strengthen and protect the rotator cuff muscle group. 
- 11-Exercise routine: Over-the-head Forearm Extensions, Side Extensions, Diagonal Extensions, Forward Flies, Reverse Flies, Internal Rotation, External Rotation, Elevated Internal Rotation, Elevated Internal Rotation (Alternative), Elevated External Rotation, Reverse Throwing, Forward Throwing Motion. 
- Helps injury prevention, endurance, recovery period and increased velocity. 
- Heavier tension designed for ages 13 and older. 

Workout Reminders and Warnings. 
- Exercises are to be done PRIOR to throwing (or on average of 3-5 days a week during periods of time off). 
- One set of 25 repetitions per exercise (Exercises 2 and 3 involve using the breath while stretching in 30 second increments). 
- Double check the clip placement before every exercise to make sure it is not aligned with the neck, face or head. 
- The J-Band is not a toy and should not be used in any way other than the exercises that it is designed for. 
- The J-Band is NOT to be stretched more than 1 to 2 feet of its original length, even for the strongest of athletes.
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